Diego Ramos, who became a father barely seven months ago, nonetheless remains a very busy man professionally speaking.

Indeed, in parallel with the playing career he leads on the A1 Padel, where he decided to reunite with his former partner Agustin Torre from the Beausoleil tournament next week, the Uruguayan also serves as a coach in the academy of a certain Gustavo Pratto, the coach of numbers 1 Coello and Tapia.

And now the 39-year-old is also on the move: we saw him in Andalusia just last week on the bench of Bea Caldera and Lorena Rufo. A rather conclusive first experience since the two young women were on the verge of taking out the 5th seed Ortega / Virseda in the round of XNUMX. And if Ramos is known for being a very composed right-wing player with a defensive profile, Bea and Lorena played a very aggressive game during the Premier Padel Sevilla P2, with mistakes certainly, but also a shower of winning shots...


In any case, we see that Diego has already started his reconversion and there is no doubt that once he retires from playing, he will share his knowledge on the benches of professional tournaments full time!

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