While the FIP Gold Perpignan was in full swing a few days ago, Padel Magazine took the opportunity to discuss with the team ofADN Padel Events, the organizers of the competition.

At the microphone of Franck Binisti, the three friends came back to the organization of this tournament but also to the next meeting to be held in Canet at the end of August.

A family life put on hold

“A great week, a total success, everything was there to make it work, the show, the public and the climate, so we are very happy” entrusts us Alain Henry.

"The life of an event organizer like this is the life of a man who has to put his phone to charge three times a day, who has to take care of the players, the transport, the accommodation, the meals and good times so that they are happy” Explain David Mateo.

“An event like that puts his family life on hold and that's what my husband David did. The phone kept ringing and I preferred to work at night once the children were in bed. These are hundreds of hours worked on this competition but I am very happy to have done it because the padel it's a big passion for me, even though I suck (laughs). I love this sport and I am very proud to be part of this adventure”, adds Christelle mateo.

Cyril Hanouna for the second edition?

In view of the great success of the first edition last year, the organizers of the FIP star Canet have decided to put the cover back in 2022.
We will thus find the cream of the padel French and international players from August 22 to 28 in the pretty town of Canet-en-Roussillon.

What could be the main differences made this year by the organizers?

"Cyril Hanouna ? ” replies Alain Henry amused.

“Cyril, you don't yet have the level of a FIP Rise but on the other hand you will have a Wild Card by the organization”.

The message has passed, will the star host of C8 respond to the FIP Rise de Canet 2022 at the end of August? Reply very soon.

Watch the full interview in the video below.

Sebastien Carrasco

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