DNA SPORTS at Châlons-en-Champagne is a sports complex which has offered padel for 4 years. An active and friendly club managed by Christophe and Stephan, who wishes to resume normal activity as soon as possible after this unprecedented crisis.

Keep in touch with the padel

Our first wish is to reopen the complex, obviously respecting sanitary standards. When we see the bubbling that there is on the site Padel Magazine and social networks, it allows you to stay informed on the evolution of padel in France, but also on mentalities that are evolving a lot.

It is clear that there will clearly be an after coronavirus for private padel structures. Case to follow, but we remain very positive.

The padel championship

We therefore kept in touch during this crisis with the padel world. We hope to be able to relaunch our padel championship as soon as possible. We had 12 teams.

In terms of approved tournaments, it was planned that our first P100 will take place on March 15. Obvious cancellation. We will come back stronger with this tournament with an upcoming date.

A stage of the Head Padel Open was planned for 2020. For the moment no news, but we imagine that for a stage in June, it could be complicated. We hope to be able to come back to our players with good news.

Padel teaching

We will also be offering a padel school soon in the center. For the moment, nothing is yet definitively validated. The regulations, in order not to change in France, are not always very simple and do not adapt to the life of a center like ours.

But things are evolving a lot, and we have the impression that the FFT is moving to finally allow us to acquire a padel diploma next year. If this materializes, it will be very good news for the padel world which expects a lot.

This will even unlock complicated situations in padel clubs. Because we want to play the game thoroughly and offer new practitioners padel lessons.

The partnership with the Tennis Club Saint Martin

The club has always been very open to the outside. We continue to develop the partnership with the Tennis Club Saint Martin which wishes to acquire an outdoor padel court. It is well known that relationships can be difficult to obtain, but with common sense, everyone to gain ... sports clubs, players and the taxpayer.

The FFT starts listening to the private

The FFT certainly had a lot of work during this crisis. Appraisal: She clearly privileged padel tennis. For a Federation which must behave in the same way with all of its sports, it is a shame.

During the confinement, we moved a lot on the web… And it ended up paying, it seems. We see the FFT moving at last! it's David against Goliath, I hope I made things happen even if we remain a small complex.

We play our part thoroughly in the promotion of padel. The first beneficiary is the FFT. She should support us without fail. For the moment it is wobbly. It should come as no surprise that clubs are railing against the FFT. She must listen to the people who work every day in this environment.

The FFT must understand that we are getting almost no feedback for the moment. We must therefore thank our creditors who support us.

Other DNA Sports collaborations

We are trying to continue the development of padel with many partnerships.

For example, a partnership had been set up just before the confinement with Intersport, which is also a partner of the FFT.

We were also about to work with Sarry TC via Adrian Collard.

We hope to be able to restart the machine when the crisis is behind us.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.