Julie Derrough is an expert on social networks. It gives you some tips to allow some photos to be viewed on the web more easily.

Padel Magazine produces hundreds of thousands of photos for gamers. The work is colossal. You are very numerous to ask for it during the tests of padel.

Experts or beginners, you are always delighted to have some professional photos that allow you to immortalize your adventures on tournaments of padel.

To prevent the photos that interest you from being lost on the net in the medium / long term, take a few seconds before uploading or sharing the photo on social networks and add #PadelMagazine and name of the competition / club padel.

Why ? First because it allows for you, for  Padel Magazine and for the club to trace more easily the origin of the photo a few years later.

But it also allows you to find on the web very easily, the photos that interest you.

Julie Derrough

Specialist in social networks, it is she who creates and publishes
posts to know all the news of the events covered by Padel
Magazine. Note to players and organizers: Don't forget the #padelmagazine on all your publications otherwise you will be dealing with it!