No need to present it anymore, Marseille society is now more than well known in the majority of football clubs. padel.
Indeed, no less than 150 complexes throughout the French-speaking territory have decided to trust Doinsport by adopting their management software, thus making it the market leader.

"I didn't know such simple tools existed these days." Quentin de la Selle, President of Let Padel Club.

Quentin discovered the services of Doinsport during an exchange during a regional tournament organized by the Let Padel Club. Amazed by what he could bring digital tools in terms of saving time and ease of management, he no longer wants to go back. 

“If I want my club to survive, I have to listen to my members and modernize".

For decades, tennis clubs have sought to modernize in order to continue to be in the game. By integrating padel in their center, they are able to facilitate the digital shift and give the club a boost. Doinsport, publisher of software and mobile applications for tennis clubs/padel offers the opportunity to take advantage of innovative tools for club management but also to improve the experience of their members. 

"Young people today are ultra-connected and it is difficult to attract them without technology ” comments Laurent Perrot, President of the TC Padel Carpentras.

Testimonials from Club Presidents

Victor de la Selle: “I estimate that I save about 10 hours of management per week between administrative tasks and track reservations, which are much easier”.

Victor de la Selle
Victor de la Selle – President of Let Padel ahead Club

Jérôme Peeters: “This year we have seen a 17% increase in membership, thanks in particular to the investment made in digital technology, which has been acclaimed by almost all of our members. Objective: 300 members by 2023.”

Jerome Peeters – Planet Padel

Jerome Farinotti: “I was able to easily integrate a booking gateway directly into my website. From now on all my members are autonomous on their reservation of courts or their private lessons”

Jerome Farinotti – TC Padel Valrose

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