Doinsport understood that the role management software padel didn't just stop at providing an IT solution. With a hundred partner complexes offering padel, the developer, 100% French, has built a unique expertise in the market. Knowledge built and shared over time with club managers.

Complete management software

"We took the issues and turned them around". A few words were enough for Guillaume Deslot, Product Owner of Doinsport, to describe the strategy to develop Doinsport. And to add: "This is how we imagined a management software padel comprehensive and intuitive ».

All-in-one software for managers of padel


On the managerial side first, the software scans the entire operating cycle of a club padel. From reservation to collection, including customer loyalty, the management software padel Doinsport has thought of everything. 



Key features for managers of padel :

  • Online Reservations and Payments
  • Real-time planning management and updating
  • Cash Register linked to Reservations
  • Database and Communication Tools
  • Creation of Events and Tournaments
  • Management of Subscriptions, Game Cards and Virtual Wallet
  • Creation, development and publication of a tailor-made application

A polished interface for gamers



On the user side, it is impossible to convert your customers to a tool without offering them design and intuitive interfaces. "We have optimized the customer journey as much as possible" launches Guillaume Deslot, "The objective is to offer the ideal service to end customers to develop our partner clubs". But, behind the scenes, a much broader ambition emerges: to make padel, one of the essential sports of the coming years.



Key features for gamers padel : 

  • Online reservations via 3 platforms:
    • Website
    • Facebook
    • Application
  • Creation and registration for matches and events
  • Access to the club's online store
  • Access to club information

Unique expertise in the padel

Player padel backhand volley support


Doinsport claims proximity to its customers. "We are in daily contact with them" says Rémi Chevalier, Managing Director of the Provencal company. 

Management software training padel

Doinsport teams deliver their turnkey solution. They train, from A to Z, the managers and employees of the clubs of padel to the use of their solution. “Every day, our teams spend time with the complexes. Account managers know our clients' clubs inside out. By listening to them and supporting them, we collect best practices on the market ” adds the co-founder of the company.

Your daily advisor

Thanks to this permanent contact, the Doinsport teams have developed a unique knowledge of club issues. "We are able, as we speak, to support project leaders and managers of current structures to ensure the sustainability of their clubs" proudly launches Anne Boulard, Customer Success Manager at Doin '.

Alexis Dutour is passionate about padel. With his training in communication and marketing, he puts his skills at the service of padel to offer us articles that are always very interesting.