Dorian De Meyer made his second appearance on the Cupra Padel Tour last weekend in Bordeaux. On this occasion, he came to our microphone.

Already a Cupra regular Padel Tour

“I’m super happy. I am always delighted to be present at events promoting the padel and especially on this one, it’s really huge.”

“This is the second time I have been on the Cupra Padel Tour, and I'm invited next week for the Pau stage, so that's super cool. With three participations, you can almost say that I am becoming a regular!”

Amateur players who are not afraid to challenge them

“It shows that they want to progress, they want to do well and want to see what the next level is, so I think that’s great. They come on the pitch, they want to beat us, I find that huge! I would be disappointed if they came in a bit “in loser mode” but for once we were able to give advice, it’s magnificent!”

Dorian's advice

“I would advise amateur players to take at least one or two lessons in the beginning, and also to watch the padel professional feminine, which for me really shows the pure tactics of padel with the positioning to have… The padel professional male, it’s such a higher level that for me we can’t use it.”

His program for the coming weeks

“I decided in the very short term not to play a tournament for a month, a month and a half and to do a huge training block with a large volume of physical training. My idea is to come back stronger.”

His project for the future padel ?

“Start a club!”

Watch the interview in full below:

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