After a tough season for the players, which ended in Lima with a right arm injury and surgery last Tuesday, it's time for a number of recent pairs.

And some are not happy with their season. One would even feel that in the top 10 everyone wants to change except obviously the world's undisputed world numbers Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima.

Paquito Navarro, who played until then with Matias Dias, finally opted for the change. Next year, Sanyo will be his next path. Paquito was spoiled for choice because he believed at one point that he would opt for one of his "idols": Juan Martin Diaz.

At the microphone Padel Magazine, Juan Martin Diaz had explained that it was necessary “often time to his partners to adapt to his game"Because he admits it"my game is atypical". Paquito did not seem ready to have JMD by his side. Sanyo is the voice of ease and at the same time a logical choice that could hurt a lot next year: They are both gifted, young, with common goals.

So Matias Diaz, who nevertheless has a good season with Paquito will play next year with Maxi Sanchez, a game profile quite similar to that of Paquito Navarro, his former partner. On paper, a balanced pair that could work very quickly.

David Gutierrez and Javier Limones have also joined forces. Perhaps they will do better than this year, where both could not qualify for the finals of the World Padel Tour Madrid.

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Franck Binisti - Padel Magazine

Franck Binisti

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