En Italy le padel has already seduced lots of footballers Bobo Vieri and Pirlo. The secret to success is knowing how to combine pleasure and ease.

After the neighboring town of Versilia, a pioneer in the installation of its first padel in 2018, it is now time for the province of Apuans to inaugurate 2 new structures.

Soon the turn of the Carrara tennis club

In the coming weeks, the Carrara tennis club (via dei Corsi 65) will do the same, demonstrating that a real craze with an audience of sportsmen and enthusiasts is underway, as confirmed by one managers, Enrico Simonelli :

“We have been ready since last Tuesday, with standard reservations. For now, club members have already started. ”

The accessibility and simplicity of padel attract beginners as well as professional athletes from other disciplines

Its accessibility, ease, the fact that it is played with a smaller racket, more ergonomic, even for beginners, with a smaller court, are the reasons for the success of this sport with tennis players, as well as VIP athletes who come from other sports: Vieri, Pirlo, Totti…

“One of the 4 tennis courts, the smallest, has been transformed into a padel. Above, to cover it from the rain and the summer sun, we will put a tensile structure; the sides will remain open. It will be open to club members with a medical certificate, as for any sporting activity, and falls under the FIT (Italian Tennis Federation). Then we will develop an application to simplify reservations. And we will also provide some monitors ”, concludes Enrico Simonelli.

New structures which demonstrate that in Italy as everywhere else, the padel continues to democratize!

source: Il Tirreno - Massa Carrara website

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