Le padel is spreading at high speed on a planetary scale and the United Arab Emirates are not spared by the scale of the phenomenon. The UAEPA has already planned an ambitious project to stick to the underlying trend of this sport.

Sheikh Saeed announces a whole new structure for the padel

Sheikh Saeed - also President of the UAEPA - officially announces a new structure to support developing, and making the padel more competitive. The season will also be denser, with more tournaments.

The new structure padel will have the particular mission to give the desire to the neophytes to launch out in the deep end to become impassioned, to create a pool of players and to be able to seek talents to advance.

Caring for greater visibility which should make it possible to bring in investors, business partners and broadcasters, a bit like the FIP tournaments that Dubai has been organizing for a while now.

New season from mid-April

A new season that will begin soon during NAS Ramadan 2021 to energize the padel competing in the United Arab Emirates. A point system will be implemented in the three categories:

  1. Gold: 3000 points for the finalists, 4000 points for the winners.
  2. Silver: 750 points for the finalists, 1000 points for the winners.
  3. Bronze: 180 points for the finalists, 250 points for the winners.

One thing is certain: Sheikh Saeed has understood the challenges and the potential that there is in padel and he wants to exploit it as it should!

source: gulfnews.com

Photo source: website Padel FIP

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