The Galactica range gets a makeover at Dunlop in 2022. Get to know the 5 new models placed under the sign of versatility.

As you will see, visually sobriety and elegance are in order in this version which is dressed mainly in gray and black, for a very successful effect.

Galactica Pro


As its name suggests, this pala which bears the initials of the legend Juani Mieres is the flagship of the range. With its exclusive technologies, its Pro Eva foam and its 12k carbon it will offer you precision and more power on your hardest shots. The new “45° Face lay-up” will provide more rigidity and resistance, for dry and effective strikes. A pala for advanced to professional level players, which has a weight located towards the racquet head, to guarantee you maximum performance on smashes and other high balls.

Weight: 370g



Little sister of the Pro, the Galactica uses almost the same technologies and materials as the pala handled by Juani Mieres (only the “45° Face lay-up” is not present on this version). A little lighter, and with a weight distribution less oriented towards the head, it will therefore be more manageable, a little less rigid, and more control oriented. If you want a pala that is still versatile but a little less powerful and a little easier to tame, this Galactica will undoubtedly be a very interesting option.

Weight: 365g

Galactica Lite


For all those who would like even more lightness and more comfort, here is the Galactica Lite. Its main difference with the models presented above is the fact that it uses Ultra Soft foam, for maximum comfort and ball output. For players who want a professional but very light, handy and tolerant pala, this Galactica Lite is worth considering.

Weight: 355g

Galactica Team


We do not forget the intermediate level players with the Galactica Team. Equipped with Pro Eva foam, like the Galactica Pro, it will allow you to develop your padel while familiarizing yourself with a rubber used by very high level players. On the faces, exit the 12k carbon, for a more flexible touch and more ball exit, perfect for those who are still looking to improve on the 20×10. The medium balance will ensure maximum versatility.

Weight: 365g

Galactica JNR

Finally, we do not forget the young people with the Galactica JNR. With its slimmer profile (36mm versus 38), it is extremely light (320 grams) to allow young players to improve their technique while protecting their joints. Focused on maneuverability, it is also very comfortable thanks to its Ultra Soft foam, which will provide optimal vibration absorption.

In conclusion, Dunlop strikes very hard with its new Galactica range. An ultra-complete range made up of five models that have serious arguments to make. Whatever your style of play, you will inevitably find a Galactica to your liking!

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