Let's take stock of one of the tips in teaching sports on a court, which consists of coming to position close to your student, on the same side of the net.

Positioning close to the student: many advantages

Many tennis coaches have already understood all the virtues that can be drawn from such a positioning :

- The simple position of the coach very close to the player makes advice more accessible

- The player is less distracted by the affected area; it is then easier to direct, without knowing it, one's concentration on a technical objective and not on a result

- The time saving generated, during possibly detailed explanations of the objectives sought

- Facilities to physically guide the player in the execution of his gesture

- The possibility of speaking normally (without having to raise your voice as is the case on the other side of the net)

- The opportunity to perform demonstrations for the player (in his sense and therefore without the mirror effect which is not always accessible to everyone)

- Reduction of problems related to the assessment of bullet trajectories

- Easier and faster access to instant video analysis (interest to be evaluated according to the objective sought and the shot achieved)

- The ability to be able to perform specific work in terms of footwork (unwinding of the foot, placements, etc.) - best possible use of a marking on the ground

- The possibility of setting up technical corrections more easily (for example, to hold the student's racket to limit preparation while being able to throw a ball at him, etc.)

Constraints to be taken into consideration

- Balls received by the student do not have the same speed as on the other side of the net, especially when they are thrown by hand

- The work of trajectory assessments will be reduced

- Some blows cannot be worked while being next to the player


In any case, positioning yourself next to the player and being able to guide him through the technical modifications very often turns out to be more effective than words and demonstrations made on the other side of the field !


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