Benjamin Tison announced this Tuesday evening the end of his collaboration with Teodoro Zapata. The Spaniard leaves him for a higher ranked player.

A very positive assessment

"All good things come to an end… After a rather incredible first part of the season, filled with emotions of all kinds, Teo will no longer be my partner for the rest of the season. Despite ups and downs, I will remember our many victories but above all the person you are!”, announced the French No. 1 on its social networks.

The Franco-Spanish pair will have achieved impressive results on the WPT and on Premier Padel. On this first circuit, Teo and Ben entered 6 tables of major tournaments, a feat for the padel French. At Premier Padel in Doha, they even managed to take a set from world No. 1 Lebron and Galan!

lebron galan tison zapata

A golden offer

“Teo got an offer he couldn't refuse… Thanks to Teo and Javi Pozanco for all those moments we shared and good luck for the future.”, concluded Benjamin.

For his part, the native of Mérida also dedicated beautiful words to his ex-teammate: "I will keep all the good things, and I'm sure we will continue to grow together, even if it's apart."

Teo didn't want to announce who his next teammate will be, but if Benjamin's words are to be believed, he should be a great player.

We are eager to know with whom Ben will continue the season, he who is currently making a very good impression on the professional circuit.

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