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In padel, there are very many sequences or forward play situations. Here, we are going to talk about a sequence for attackers: Service, volley and smash.

We will try to show you how to find yourself in an ideal position to finish a point by one by 4.


You serve eccentrically and climb on the fly. The opponent makes you volley.

Your fly is deep, cut and in the center.

What attitude to adopt?

Advisory :

While the defensive solution is to play down, many times, opponents attempt a lob of poor quality or play a rising ball.

Don't hesitate to anticipate and throw yourself forward very close to the net to try a "par 4" or an easy smash….

If you are lobed, do not panic, the back wall will help you defend yourself.

Let's see this on video and get ready for your snowshoes !!

Pierre Lamouré

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