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We see more and more players from padel have your energy drink. Is it that effective? How to use it best? We will tell you everything.

Composition of the energy drink

Energy drinks sold commercially are often blue, red, orange and so on.

They can also be sold as a powder to mix with water. They are useful when playing more than one hour.

Once ready, this drink is made of water, a mixture of sugars and minerals. Water is useful for rehydration, Carbohydrates for energy by sparing muscle glycogen stores and sodium to make up for losses.

Beyond the energy compensation, the carbohydrates in these drinks make it possible to have a sweet taste and to increase palatability: Basically, the more we like, the more we drink, and the less we get dehydrated. But beware, everyone's tastes! It's up to you to find the right formula.

Sodium (present in salt) also has the role of promoting glucose absorption and allows rapid rehydration. It's the properties of the famous isotonic drinks.

How to use the energy drink?

Attention to the dosage, very often the drinks are too concentrated, it is therefore necessary to drink water in parallel or dilute to reduce the concentration.

It is advisable to use drinks with a concentration of 20-40 g / L carbohydrate when it is more than 15 °.

For a cooler time (less than 15 °) the concentration is between 40-60 g / L.

For sodium, the optimum dose described is from 0,40 to 0,60 g / l of sodium, ie 1 to 1,5g / L of salt.

All these numbers are hurting your head? Here are some small recipes to prepare even his drink.

When to use the energy drink?

If you have any questions do not hesitate !

See you soon and good padel.

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What to drink when dehydrated?

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