The European Championships of the European Padel Association in Lisbon concluded. Spain finished in all the categories in which she was present.

As expected, Spain and Portugal were in the men's and women's final.

On the men's side, the first match was against the Spaniards Alejandro Ruiz Granados et Javier Garrido Gómez to the Portuguese Diogo Schaefer et João Bastos. After a first set where the Portuguese pair surprised the Spaniards entry, they did not follow the pace in the second set. Final score 7 / 6 - 6 / 4.

There was no match between Álvaro Cepero Rodríguez-Pablo Lijó Santos et Miguel Oliveira-Vasco Pascoal because the Spaniards easily win 6-2 6-4. The title of European Champion is assured.

The last opponent match Javier Ruiz González and Uri Botello Cohen à Diogo Rocha and Ricardo Martin stopped in the second set after an injury on the Spanish side. The consolation prize in this final.

Now on the women's side, the first match was one-sided. Portuguese women Margarida Fernandes et Patrícia Ribeiro have quarreled the pair Patricia Llaguno Zielinski-Elisabet Amatrian 6-2 6-0.

The second set saw the scenario reverse itself. Katia Rodrigues and Catarina Nogueira (Portugal) lose 1-6 2-6 do what Paula Josemaria at Carolina Navarro (European Champions in pairs).

Finally the last opponent match Leninha Medeiros and Sofia Araújo à Carmen Villalba and Beatriz Gonzalez has been more contested but concludes with a score of 3-6 3-6. And one more victory for Spain.

credit: European Padel Association (facebook)

Here is the final ranking of the Championship.

Male teams

Winner: Spain
2e: Portugal
3e: Sweden
4e: Belgium
5e: Netherlands
6e: Poland
7e: Switzerland
8e: Denmark
9e: Finland
10e: Germany
11e: Austria
12e: Croatia
13e: Norway
14e: Czech Republic
15e: Ireland

Female teams

Winner: Spain
2e: Portugal
3e: Sweden
4e: Belgium
5e: Switzerland
6e: Poland
7e: Finland
8e: Denmark
9e: Germany
10e: Czech Republic
11e: Ireland

It should be noted that these Championships took place at the same time as the FIP European Championships in Rome. This is why the top seeds that are Spain and Portugal were not represented in these. Spain is currently the best padel nation and it is hoped that in two years it will be able to compete with France and Italy, the other seeds.

Results of the EPA European Championships category pair in Lisbon.

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