The traditional training course for French teams will be held this Sunday and Monday at the Mas de Perpignan club for the European Championships in Cagliari at the end of July. On this occasion, the main question regarding the selection of Pablo Ayma will revolve around the eighth and final player of the Gentlemen's team who will have to meet a certain profile.

A group of bosses

As announced at the start of the season, Benjamin Tison et Jérémy Scatena will not be part of Team France this season. These two absences open up a wide range of possible choices for coach Pablo Ayma behind the five executives who should be found in the final list: Thomas Leygue, Bastien Blanqué, Adrien Maigret, Johan Bergeron et Max Moreau.

Despite mixed results this year, Jerome Inzerillo is an experienced player for Team France in recent years and he once again seems on track to secure a place for this season.

Guichard / Seurin, left-handers

Dylan Guichard, currently 3rd best French player in the FIP ranking (129th), seems very well on his way to making his first selection in Blue. He would be, in a way, the replacement for Benjamin Tison.

Before knowing how the course will unfold, another left-hander seems to act as a “favorite” to make his debut with the tricolor jersey. Julien Seurin, currently 10th in the French rankings thanks to his 181st place in the FIP rankings, has an offensive profile on the right thanks to his left paw. Constantly progressing, Seurin also already has experience with Team executives like Bastien Blanqué and Adrien Maigret.

Maxime Joris, Arthur Hugounenq, Tomas Vanbauce, numerous outsiders

Constantly progressing, Thomas Vanbauce has had a string of interesting results at the start of the season. The Bordeaux player has an aggressive and offensive profile which can be interesting.

Other players invited to the training course at the Mas de Perpignan club can also claim to be invited to the French team this year. Recently associated with Thomas Vanbauce, Maxime Joris has achieved very good results since the start of the year. The adopted Bordeaux resident, who made Team France a goal, has a more defensive profile as a right-hander, but still very complete.

Finally, a more daring bet from Pablo Ayma would be to bet on Arthur Hugounenq. Left-handed with a profile similar to Julien Seurin in some way, the 23-year-old player is on the rise on the French circuit. 22nd in the ranking, he will reach his best rank next Tuesday thanks in particular to his victory in the P1000 of PadelShot with Pierre Vincent this month. Hugounenq has also recorded its first FIP ​​points in several months.

Of course, all this should be taken with a grain of salt, we are not in Pablo Ayma's head...

What is certain is that the French team's training course will be decisive for all the players who will be able to claim a place in the selection in the more or less near future.

Martin Schmuda

A competitive tennis player, Martin discovered the padel in 2015 in Alsace and appeared in a few tournaments in Paris. Today a journalist, he deals with current affairs padel while continuing its rise in the world of the little yellow ball!