You are lost in the jungle of padel ? Find out how to choose the perfect arsenal to become the king of the track!

Le padel, this dynamic and friendly sport, has seen its popularity explode in France in recent years. With this growth comes an avalanche of specialized equipment, offering enthusiasts an impressive variety of racquets, shoes, balls and accessories. But with so many options, how can you navigate and choose the gear that's perfect for your playstyle?

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The equipment revolution padel : from classic to daring

The market padel is booming, with products ranging from traditional brands to daring startups that are shaking up conventions. Light rackets, ultra-resistant shoes, precise balls: each piece of equipment promises to optimize your game. But beyond marketing, what are really the criteria that will make the difference on the court?

We think that in the end, it's really you and your smashes that make the difference!

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How good equipment can help you progress

Choosing your equipment wisely means transforming your experience of padel. A racket suited to your strength and technique can increase your precision, while the right choice of shoes can save you from unexpected injuries and increase your agility. The ideal equipment is the one that seems to be an extension of your will on the ground.

Spoiled for choice padel : navigate the ocean of options without drowning!

Faced with abundance, choice can become a real headache. Analysis paralysis, hasty decisions or post-purchase regrets: there is no shortage of pitfalls. To avoid these pitfalls, the key is to simplify the selection process by focusing on the criteria that really matter to you, such as comfort, playing style, and your experience level. But for this you need experience. And to have experience, you have to… test. Again and again new equipment until you feel the ones that give you that famous “feeling” you are looking for.

Courtly to the rescue !

For those looking to discover, test while saving, Courtly offers an attractive solution. Each bi-monthly Courtly box is carefully composed to include equipment that will allow you to test new products and therefore quickly form an opinion on each of them. This reduces the need for tedious research while ensuring that you receive suitable products that can truly improve your game.


In the vast and sometimes intimidating world of equipment padel, making the right choice can seem like a never-ending quest. Fortunately, solutions exist to simplify this process. With Courtly and its discovery boxes, or even with innovative tools, focused on your needs and allowing you to compare developed by marketplaces like Padel References.