Eric Largeron, the elected official in charge of Padel at the FFT, answers questions from Padel Magazine. He returns in particular to the guide for the 2022 competition.

Padel Magazine : Can we summarize this 2022 guide? Can we say that this is a particular guide that marks the difference with the others? How was this guide updated?

Eric Largeron: This guide is special for me because it is the first for which I participate in the development. Otherwise it takes a lot of points worked on in previous years. It comes from a small group, then from discussions with the National Council of padel, and finally validation by Comex. The main subjects being the scale of points and the interclubs whose organization and regulations had to be designed.

Padel Magazine : The padel armchair will be put forward next year if we believe the guide. The FFT has received important requests regarding parapadel in general ?

Eric Largeron: Several experiences of padel armchair challenged us, we are going to work on it. We also have a lot of requests for the hearing and visually impaired.

Padel Magazine : A theme comes up regularly, the value of tournaments and their number. We imagine that you followed this. What do you think ?

Eric Largeron:  The scale was an important topic of discussion. Today, the FFT manages the P2000 and the P1000 schedule. The other tournaments are validated by the committees or leagues. There are more and more of them, so I will pay special attention to it so that the communities are not too divided. Today the classification seems consistent, but to watch.

Padel Magazine : Depending on the ranking of players in a P250 for example, could we see a re-categorized tournament?

Eric Largeron: The P250s are full very quickly. There is no prize money because it was deleted in previous years. I am vigilant on the weight of a pair, more than on the ranking of each player. What I don't want the P100 to be too high. Monitoring therefore there too.

Padel Magazine : A Roland-Garros padel is often mentioned. We talked about September. What shape will it have? Has a date already been blocked?

Eric Largeron : The FFT wants to organize a big event. But for that, we have to understand the world governance which is particular. Several circuits, rankings, leaders who do not get along, players muzzled ... A major tournament first requires the support of all!

Eric Largeron Alix Collombon

Padel Magazine : The CNE Padel, a subject that has also been regularly discussed for over a year. A time announced in Puteaux, today what is it?

Eric Largeron: For budgetary reasons (two editions of Roland-Garros weighed down by the Covid), the Puteaux project was abandoned. We also recognize that for the high level, it is for the moment in Spain that this is happening. For the CNE, tracks are planned but good players can take advantage of the facilities for physical preparation, treatment, etc. It is not known enough!

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