Throughout history, these two countries have been distinguished by the presence of very high level athletes in different disciplines. Impossible to forget the duels between Lionel Messi et Iker Casillas on the evenings of the Champions League, the magnificent matches between Rafael Nadal et Juan Manuel del Potro or NBA evenings between Manu Ginobili et Paul Gasol.

Le padel is even more than these other sports concerned by a fierce battle between Argentines and Spaniards!

On the WPT, the battle rages on

The day after the European Championship padel 2021, which took place in Marbella, we realize that Spain has only one rival on the planet padel : Argentina!

By analyzing the latest ranking published by the World Padel Tour for men, we can see that in the men's Top 30, Spain and Argentina are equality if we take the top of the basket. Indeed, each of these two countries has fourteen athletes in the Top 30 (Brazil completes the list with two players). It should be noted that the number one pair is Spanish, but in the Top 10 of the WPT, Argentina has six players, that's twice as much as Spain!

Maxi Sanchez (ARG) y Lucho Capra (ARG) champions in Valladolid

If in the category of men there is more or less equality, among women, Spanish domination is absolute. In the Top 30, we find 23 Spanish and only three Argentines, as well as two Portuguese, a Brazilian and a French, Alix Collombon. The Spanish domination is such that the first non-Spanish athlete in the ranking is in 12th position!

On the APT, the Argentines in force

chiostri alfonso lisboa open champions

On theAPT Padel Tour, there are as many Argentines in the Top 30 as in the WPT: 14. On the other hand, we only find two Spaniards in this ranking. Here again, we find 6 members of the albiceleste nation in the Top 10!

In the women's category, the only tournament so far to have taken place in Lisbon, Portugal is well in the lead, with 21 players in the Top 30. Spain has only eight athletes in this ranking and Argentina currently has none. But that should all change very soon.

Let's take advantage of this healthy rivalry!

If it is difficult to compare the level of the two circuits of padel, it is even more difficult to say which of the two countries is better for playing padel. Argentines have achieved great feats in the history of Padel. The Spaniards are certainly going through their best period since the creation of the sport. These two countries produce great champions who systematically delight us and we look forward to the clash between Spain and Argentina at the world championships!

Santiago plazas

Colombians love it padel ! So yes, we are not the best, but the main thing is to participate. You understood it, I am the chico who comes from Bogota and I intend to mark the padel of my imprint with Padel Magazine.