In all the sports as in life, people “Different” stand out. At padel also, and it can lead you to the most high level.

Have you ever looked back when you saw a person with a “strange” look, an unusual haircut, a “different” dress style, or even an attitude or even an unconventional way of expressing himself? These people interest you, invite you to find out more or on the contrary, just bother you for not being like the others.

This physical or behavioral difference often hits the mark in sport. Let us remember the Messi or other Nadal to name a few. These players atypical who make and have made the history of sport through their different vision or their extraordinary physical abilities.

And in the padel so ?

It is exactly the same. The players who have made history are those who either have a perfect technique that allows them to stay on top, or who have a game so different that it allows them to embarrass all the opponents who oppose them.

Examples that quickly come to mind are Belasteguin for his perfect technique that he can always refine and adapt over time, and Juan Martín Díaz who at over 40 and despite several injuries, still bothers young players.

Lately we have been able observe Benjamin Tison, this left-handed French player known for his “atypical” game, doing damage with his partner at the WPT tournament in Vigo.

The only problem with these players is that it is sometimes as difficult to play with them because of their unpredictability as it is against them for their surprise effects.

What does that mean ?

It means 2 things. Either you are a player capable of applying the pure and hard technique of padel, and who will try to seek perfection with each strike, or you are a player who will seek to play with his strengths. Up to you !

So of course, all this will pass into the hands of your family, your entourage, your coaches who will instill in you such or such a method during your training, but know that all the players who shine are those who have been able, at some point, express their talent.

Have fun analyzing the players of padel that you are used to seeing. Whether it's Lebron, Navarro, Lima, Llaguno, Salazar… or even players from your club. Try to detect what is different in them that makes them who they are. It could be a racket grip, a position on the track, a game tactic, a particular attitude, a sporting history or a way of expressing oneself.

Alejandra Salazar bandeja vigo wpt

All of this information is a source of learning and solutions for future generations. The padel is a young sport which must learn every day from its practitioners. And you, do you have an atypical game?

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife. He is the founder of, a software very popular with clubs and players of padel. Columnist and advisor, he helps you to play better through his many tutorials padel.