The International Federation of Padel confirmed that the European Championships 2021 will take place in June / July next. The FIP having explained that the world padel 2020 had been postponed to 2021, so they could stall in next November.

The European Championships padel 2021 confirmed

From Europe in June / July 2021

As reported on December 31, 2020, the 12th edition of the European Championships will take place from June 28 to July 4, 2021. A competition which was abnormally advanced in June / July 2021.

The FIP has certainly set this date in preparation for the 2021 World Cup. In any case, this is our opinion, even if we remain very divided on this possibility, because beyond the health alerts that we will have in 2021 on the different continents, the cost to the nations organizing these events will be significant.

All federations are not the French Tennis Federation. And we know that there is a large majority of small nations obliged to budget well in advance the costs for such competitions. We will see if the FIP brings solutions to nations facing this financial difficulty.


The good news for the competition: Spain should play these European Championships organized by the FIP. Italy for the men and France for the women will therefore have to give up first place against this juggernaut of the padel World.

If for the moment, the FIP and the FEP have not yet confirmed anything, one could not imagine that Spain does not participate in this competition organized by the FIP (and not those organized by the FEPA: European Federation of Padel) when we see the new relationships between the two institutions.

Especially since this year, Spain could be the host country.

Marbella in pole position

Padel and Tennis Club Nueva Alcantara is the club that could host this next edition of Europe 2021. No confirmation by the FIP, but we already know that after the superb edition carried out in Italy and during which France had brought back very beautiful medals , Marbella is in the sights of the FIP.

Padel and Tennis Club Nueva Alcantara

The FIP and the FEP have become allies. With the change of presidency in 2020 on the side of the Spanish Federation of Padel, it has become a new area for the FIP to offer its main international competitions.

Le Padel Club Nueva Alcantara has all the facilities to host this competition, including a central pitch already ready for use to host the main big matches. The club padel de Marbella offers us 11 courts, a gym, a fitness room, a terrace and a restaurant and all this in the sun.

Prepare your drinks! At this time of year, the weather will be very beautiful, but also particularly hot with an average of 25 to 28 degrees all day long and peaks beyond 30 degrees: this will change the championships hosted in Rome in 2019.

Worlds in November 2021?

World conditions

This is the challenge of the editorial staff, even if we prefer to remain very cautious about this feasibility. The FIP has so far confirmed absolutely nothing. The only thing we have is that a priori, the 2020 World Cup has been postponed to 2021.

Since the European Championships have been brought forward in June / July 2021, there would therefore be a certain logic in competing in this world competition in November 2021.


Qatar could be like this again the country of the arabian peninsula chosen by the FIP to host the worlds of padel. In terms of climate, expect a great sun and a temperature between 23 and 29 degrees.

This edition must absolutely forget the organization of the World Paraguay 2018. An edition that had been very harshly criticized by the players. It must be said, the very particular climatic conditions made the organization very difficult.

global padel poster 2020 to 2021 covid qatar

The FIP therefore expects a lot from these world padel 2021.

These competitions will only be organized if sanitary conditions allow it. For now, the lights appear to be green. But with the evolution of COVID-19 in many countries, we know that things can change very quickly.

The FIP is showing its muscles with three major competitions in perspective for 2021: the European Championships, the World Championships and finally the FIP TOUR circuit which is undoubtedly becoming more and more professional, boosted by the development of the padel in the entire Europe.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.