We met the musicians Florent Dasque and Eyal Bensimon in front of the trail of padel installed at Roland Garros. We asked them how they were doing padel and music!

Franck Binisti: Gentlemen, we are at Roland-Garros, we have to padel behind us, and in a month it seems you will have a " wild-card to play with the best players in the world. It's true ?

Florent Dasque: So it's very funny that you say that because yesterday we were told the same thing. We were told “but is it true that you are going to qualify for this tournament? ". No that is absolutely not true. We are really very far from the mark and we will be content to come and applaud people who play well and be inspired by them!

FB: Yes because by dint of being on Padel Magazine, so what's going on? We say to ourselves what will be next?

Eyal Bensimon: We might say a career of P100. We talked about a small P100 circuit to do next year, to see… But in any case we are on the file. Then P250, P1000, P2000, and after…

Le padel: a brake or a benefit for music?

FB: We're going to talk a little bit about music and padel. Does the fact of playing together allow you to be more efficient in music or can it even create the opposite, with arguments?

EB: To tell the truth, we rarely got confused, even on the ground. I think he's the only guy who doesn't say anything to me when I play while walking and that's beautiful. So no there is no problem, on the contrary we can evacuate the padel by making songs afterwards!

FB: Thanks to the padel do you have music coming soon? While you were playing, was there a tune that suddenly came to you that made a hit?

FD: To try to answer your questions seriously: because Eyal is the fun side and I'm the slightly more serious side. All the people watching Padel Magazine know that the padel obviously played as a team. It's the same in music, you have to be united, you have to be there for each other to create a beautiful song, like to win a point at the padel.

It is true that sometimes, on the ground of padel, when we are playing, we whistle at each other, we say to ourselves “ah, I have an idea! » and then the other says « good, it's not the time to talk about it », but it's true that you're right. In any case, inspiration in music or in art in general, it comes from the moments we live, from what we see, from what we feel, from what we smell.

So of course by playing padel, as there are many emotions that go through us, without perhaps knowing it, it infuses us and compositions are born. It's the truth !

Sometimes it happens that we sing the things we were working on the day before, and say to ourselves “we have to record this when we leave”. Well, not when you're on a 6-6 (laughs), but it happens.

FB: Eyal, did you have anything to add?

EB: I quite agree with him, sometimes we hum tunes between two games but hey we're focused anyway, we try to win all the P100 we can do.

The programs of the two musicians

FB: Let's talk about the news, the future, what is the program?

FD: We are already very happy to find people in concert venues, just as sport is happy to fill its stands again. Here we are in the middle of a period of writing, of creation. Eyal, he releases a lot of songs. I speak a little in his place but I do his impresario like that! So do not hesitate when you meet him to ask him to play you his last song, he is always happy to share these moments.

FB: Eyal, live, in two weeks, in Toulouse, at the Human Padel Open?

EB: It's true, we're going to make some surprises there. We're not going to say everything but we're going to do a little live at the Palais des Sports. Normally it should be before the semi-finals/finals: just before the players enter, we're going to do a little concert.

We're going to do one or two songs to enjoy with “Ma Toulousaine” and maybe the song of the tournament which will be another song called “Ça fait Plaisir”. And here we are going to love together.

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Blanche Cretinon

Initially attracted by tennis, I want to take an interest in padel to discover the different hidden sides of this sport. This is why I decided to join the team of Padel Magazine. See you soon on the grounds!