Many padel clubs, players and project leaders ask us a lot of questions about padel training, administrative rules, etc.
Fabien Boudet, the director of the federal life of the FFT returns on all questions asked by Internet users.

Padel Magazine - How to join the FFT for padel clubs?

Fabien Boudet - By creating a law association 1901, as for tennis clubs. There is nothing new on it.

On the other hand, the big news and where our statutes have evolved recently is this authorization to the FFT for private clubs. They have to get closer to their regional league but overall empowerment is a kind of affiliation.

Indeed, a private club as a municipal club can be connected to the FFT. Private clubs will no longer be obliged to create a sports association to join the FFT thanks to the authorization which includes some restrictions for private clubs but which generally takes up the terms and objectives of an affiliation.

How much does it cost ?

Very marginal for a club. The cost is very low and should not be a drag on clubs. Development advisors for clubs in the regional leagues are empowered to help clubs understand how they work.

Internet users, entrepreneurs, players and clubs have expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of visibility for padel training ....

This is indeed a point that is a problem for the moment, because we know of course that many padel clubs are confronted with a problem of legitimacy in padel teaching when they inherently have all the skills and the seniority to promote and teach padel in their club.

The FFT is actively working on this point to try to find a beneficial alternative for all clubs. The problem is that we are not alone. Indeed, everything goes through the Ministry of Sports. It is the department that gives the authorizations and its approval for a particular diploma. For the moment, there is only the tennis certificate that allows to legally teach the padel.

This poses 2 problems:

=> First, the tennis BE is most often not a padel player and competent to teach the padel.
So, we will offer an optional padel training in the formation of the state tennis certificate. It will look like modules. It's quite simple since the spine already exists.

=> Then, what to do with those who do not have the BE tennis?
At the moment we have no answers. The FFT is working on this subject. But we must know again that the FFT is not alone in making the decision. We are thinking about creating a padel diploma.

Can we not create recognition of diplomas between France and Spain for example?
It's very complicated. and here too we are not alone in making the decision. I remind you that the Ministry of Sports must give its approval. And it's far from easy even if I understand that diplomas as listed as the Spanish monitors for example could find its place in France.

But the problem of these recognition of diplomas is not specific to tennis and paddle. We could talk about recognition issues that exist, for example, in the medical community, and so on.

More generally, you need a state diploma. It's French law. If the coaches do not have one, they will be illegal.

I understand that there is impatience. The FFT is a beautiful structure but it is big and so we have to leave time.

I remind you that we are already doing a lot of work with this padel field at Roland Garros and the setting up of the French championships.

You talked about expectations of players and clubs ...

We feel this craze. it's obvious. As soon as the FFT integrated the padel into its statutes, it felt that there was a significant potential in its development. We will try to do our utmost to meet this expectation. But we must do things seriously and we must understand that we can not do the work not done by the previous institutions in charge of the padel in a few months.

For the final phase of the championships of France, do we know more about the decision of the place?

For the moment no, there are tracks and no decision has been taken. Clubs must meet very specific specifications.

But the club must offer indoor pitches.

Regarding padel license, it will be the same as that of tennis?

The license included tennis, padel and beach tennis. With a license, we can have 3 different rankings. The license is only granted to one person. It is nominative. But of course, if the licensee practices these 3 sports, he will have a ranking on these 3 sports. This is clearly a huge asset.

Are there any subsidies or subsidies for padel and especially for entrepreneurs?

The FFT does not help directly. On the other hand we know that the leagues that receive endowments from the FFT can use this money for the promotion of the padel. Some leagues have already said that they will have a development policy for the sport (note: https: //

This aid is allocated primarily to municipal clubs?

Rather yes. But it's the leagues that manage their own politics. As far as the FFT is concerned, there is no specific aid for the padel. In any case, it is not on the agenda.

Interviewed by Franck Binisti
Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.