Fabrice Pastor, President of A1 Padel goes to the microphone of our colleagues from Relief, and as always, he tells very interesting things in his characteristic style: without filter!

Six events in Spain for A1 this year

“I think it's important for the players to get what they deserve. I've been a lot more international, but now when I'm asked, I'm there. My team also gave me wise advice. Since a circuit has disappeared and another has been created to replace it, but it also does not work, A1Padel comes to the rescue and saves the furniture”. (…) “I still think that I am the man who will take the padel around the world. We will end up being the one circuit.”

The unified classification

"I think that Premier Padel or Ultimate Padel Tour are showing irresponsibility by not creating a unified ranking.” (…) “As long as the person who is at the head of the International Federation (Luigi Carraro) does not leave it, the padel will never be able to unify or become Olympic. It’s unthinkable.”

“It's a shame to be called Ultimate and to finish last, but it pains me a lot. I don't understand how a circuit that is about to start does not get closer to A1 Padel to try to work together and collaborate. (…) I think that sectarianism is bad, that it must be included, and as you know, I am inclusive.”

Convinced by the Monegasque?

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