The Fabrice Pastor Cup and the APT Padel Tour make their teasing, with an official announcement: there will be around thirty tournaments on offer!

Fabrice Pastor announces it in video: this new season of the APT Padel Tour promises to be busy with a little over 30 tournaments ! 19 of them are classified in Professional category, between Open, Masters, Grand Master and of course the Final Master to end the season!

The Futures and of course the Fabrice Pastor Cup, so dear to Monegasque, will be there. This cluster of tournaments will give valuable points for the circuit APT Padel Tour 2021.

High expectations ahead

The 2021 season is ready to start and it is safe to say that Fabrice Pastor as well as all the people who generally adore the padel, await the first tournaments with great impatience. We start in ten days, in Paraguay, for a first Open which promises to be hot!

We hope that the virus will leave us alone in 2021, so that we can make the most of the very international program of the APT. Padel Tower !

Sylvain Barnett

Sylvain Barnet, French Swiss Army Knife and sports enthusiast. Geek with a sharp quill, loves when a plan goes off without a hitch. And always up for a game.