Second part from our interview with the President of the American Padel Tour, Fabrice Pastor. He goes back over the reasons that led him to return to the padel industry. Without detour, he denounces according to him “certain drifts of the World Padel Tour that hurt padel"

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  • 2 years ago, you said that the padel was over. And here you are again…

It was a complicated time. I would even say a disillusionment. I was in pain for the project I was carrying but also and especially for some players who paid for their freedom to think in 2019 for supporting me.

The APT is the opposite of what the European professional circuit is. Because precisely, we bet on the freedom of the players and on the quality of our tests. We force people to come and play on our circuit.

I was very touched by the actions of some. And I told myself that it didn't deserve the trouble that I invest myself so much for that.

It seems that there are only fools who do not change their minds. And then, you know how passionate I am about this sport. I had great support like that of the President of the Mexican Federation, Omar Villavicencio, now vice-president of the CAPF and the APT.

  • When you talk about players who paid for their freedom of thought, what do you mean exactly?

I will not quote the players who supported me 2 years ago to see the International Padel Tour take off in 2018. I can not, it would put them back in embarrassment.

However, I can tell you that I am scandalized by the methods of the World Padel Tour.

The players who supported the International Padel Tour paid a 12% fine on the gains won in 2019. Do you realize the scandal?

And to return to the previous question, I am surprised not to see professional players react to all of this.

And precisely, with the Amercian Padel Tour, I want to put an end to this system. I can already tell you that players from the WPT of Latin American origin are wondering about the relevance of going to Europe when they have a professional circuit at home.

We even have European players who are thinking of trying the adventure in America.

  • APT outside of America, possible?

Everything is possible. And we already have requests, including in Europe. The APT aims to become a very large professional circuit. And this is already the case in America. With our work, the investment, the group that there is, everything is possible because we think above all of the interest of the players.

  • Can the APT become this great global benchmark when we saw the FIP and the WPT come together last year…

Thank you for asking me this question. I will answer you with another question: Do you not find this rapprochement between the FIP and the WPT suspicious now?

I set up the APT. And now they agree. You would have thought it was a good thing. But it is unfortunate when we know the reasons.

Let's not be hypocritical, these two institutions have always been in conflict. The FIP is mired in its institutional problems, the WPT wants to react to prevent the circuit from disappearing like the Padelpro Tour.

They are therefore trying to find a parade against the APT. But the good news is that I scare them. Once again.

  • Can we not say that the merger of the world ranking for example between the FIP and the WPT is a good thing?

If it's positive for the padel and for the players, so much the better. I am sorry here for the outlines and extra-sporting reasons for this rapprochement between the FIP and the WPT. If the fact of having created the APT makes it possible to move the lines in Europe, it is already a victory for me.

Sorry to make this parallelism with my adventure with The International Padel Tour. But it reminds me of the time when the World Padel Tour had to give in and give a little more to the players because I wanted to launch the IPT. Even if, I could not go to the end, I am in a happy sense that the players were able to push the WPT to obtain more thanks to the IPT.

You know, just because professional players in Europe don't have to be silent or face fines, doesn't mean they're blind.

The difference is that APT is a reality. The circuit is launched and nothing can stop it. There is room for everyone. Come and taste the American Padel Tour.

  • Another subject is emerging in Argentina: the America Padel Tour created by the Argentinian Lisandro Borges

Lisandro Borges is close to the World Padel Tour. Needless to go further in the explanations it seems to me.

Again, they are trying to get in the way of me. How sad ! Can you leave me alone and think a bit about padel?

I would just like to remind you that the only President of the Argentina Padel Federation is Oscar Nicastro.

In Argentina, we signed with the AJPP (Associación de Jugadores Profesionales de Padel) chaired by Mariano Lasaigues (the new Director General of the APT) and with the APA (Associación de Padel Argentina).

Furthermore, it is the APA which is recognized by the International Padel Federation until proven otherwise.

So everything is fine with Argentina.

  • We finish with the Master of Acalpulco, the test will be played during the day?

For Acapulco we are in close contact with the Pegaso Group, which is the organizer of the Acapulco APT 500. The tennis tournament being played in the evening, we will play between 9:00 and 18:00 the padel matches.

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Franck Binisti

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