Teacher and member of the association of French players of padel French, Fanny Magnan has a global vision of the padel which she does not hesitate to share with us.

“Work with the FFT, to optimize the conditions of the players”

Padel Magazine : First of all, can you introduce yourself to our readers please?

Fanny Magnan: “I am Fanny Magnan, I hold the position of teacher of Education Physics and Sports (EPS) at college-high school level. But that's not all, because I also take care of the development of the padel in my club in Ceyreste (13600). This includes: group lessons, entertainment, tournaments etc. and I am also in charge of the leisure section of the association of French players of padel. "

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Padel Magazine : You have just mentioned the association of French players of padel. In a few words, what does this association consist of?

Fanny Magnan: “This association consists in promoting the development of padel in France at different levels: high level / young people / the amateur circuit. The goal is to meet and discuss everyday topics such as the organization and management of tournaments.

Padel Magazine : Do you think this association will favor the direct link between the players and the FFT ?

Fanny Magnan: ” Of course, because the goal is really to work with the FFT thanks to the feedback from players of all levels and to propose solutions in order to optimize the conditions of the players and to facilitate the organization of tournaments to bring together as many people as possible. ”

Padel Magazine : We recently had Jeremy Ritz, which told us that the homogeneity of levels in tournaments was one of the major keys to developing the padel. What is your opinion on the matter?

Fanny Magnan: ” Indeed, it seems important to me so that everyone can find their account and that each category of tournament corresponds to a level of player. After the padel is a victim of its own success so consistency will also be achieved over time with the rankings of new lovers of the practice! “

Requested for the development of padel in the school

Padel Magazine : To come back to you, you told us that you took care of the development of the padel your club, the leisure section of the AJPF, and besides that you are a teacher, how do you manage to reconcile all that?

Fanny Magnan: ”It's a question of organization, I'm not available all the time but the members of the AJPF know it and fortunately I still have a little time to give to make video shows in the evening, which allow me to share my ideas and bring them what I also see in my daily life as an amateur player. “

Padel Magazine : To come back to the fact that you are a teacher, from your point of view do you think that the practice of padel in primary schools, colleges, high schools is something to consider in the years to come?

Fanny Magnan: “Ah ah good question… I was actually asked two weeks ago to sit on the school and university tennis commission of the league for the development of padel in the school environment. Mission that I once again accepted! “

Padel Magazine : In addition to all these projects already mentioned, what else is there for you on the program for this year 2022?

Fanny Magnan: “This year the objective is to continue to animate this sport in my club, to organize a P500 Ladies on April 23 and 24 because we do not have many in the year; and why not take a few places in the standings!”

Nasser Hoverini

Passionate about football, I discovered the padel in 2019. Since then, it's been crazy love with this sport to the point of abandoning my favorite sport.