Are you thinking about opening a club? padel but you're not sure yet? Perhaps the words of Sébastien Cornet d'Esprit Padel Shop will finally convince you!

“In September 2021, there was a kind of shift really huge. We are 100% full during peak hours. We have a fairly colossal occupancy rate since we reserve 95 hours of land per day on 8 lots. That’s 12 hours per track per day! We are at a stage where we have reached saturation: there is half an hour free on a public holiday, Saturday, Sunday, everything is full. And here I’m not talking to you about events, I’m talking to you about rentals.”

As you have understood, in certain clubs, players fight to try to have slots. It can therefore be very profitable for investors to bet on the padel !

To watch the video, click here !

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