Fede Chingotto, now the fourth player in the world padel, has just entered a very closed circle: that of those who have already won a Major.

The circuit Premier Padel having only started in 2022, only nine Majors have taken place at the time of writing. And only nine players have ever won at least one top competition on the QSI-funded circuit.

  • Arturo Coello: 4
  • Agustin Tapia: 3
  • Ale Galan: 3
  • Juan LeBron: 2
  • Martin Di Nenno: 2
  • Fernando Belasteguin: 1
  • Paquito Navarro: 1
  • Franco Stupaczuk: 1
  • Fede Chingotto: 1

It was a great week that ended on Sunday for “Chingo”, in your opinion, when will we see him win a Major for the second time?

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