Argentina's Fede Quiles, former World Padel Tour, lands on the APT Padel Tower. He signed up for the Monaco Open and the Belgium Open with a promising youngster.

We sensed for a while, it's now official, Fede Quiles lands on the APT Padel Take the Tour ! The 38-year-old, who had decided to leave the WPT because he was “Impossible to live 100% of padel in Spain", go then try your luck with the APT !

Whoever finished the season in 57th place in the World Tour will have by his side Matias Fernandez Popovich. The young Paraguayan, classified in 17th place, will therefore be able to benefit from all the experience of a player who has spent 17 years playing at the highest level! Defeated in 1/16 at the Asuncion Open then in quarters at the Paraguay Master, the 20-year-old hopes to be able to take a step alongside a player who shared the track alongside a certain Juan Martin Diaz…

The two men are registered together for the next two tournaments: the Monaco Open and Belgium Open.

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