[box type = ”note”]Padel Magazine - Federico Quiles is number 9 in the world with his partner and friend Silingo. This interview allows us to get to know Frederico better, who remained at the gates of the 21013 Masters. [/ Box]

Padel Magazine: Unfortunately you stayed at the gates of the Masters, what are your goals for 2014?

Federic Quiles: First of all, it must have been a very good year for us, even though we had some hot moments and a little less good times. Our level improved during the year but it is still perfectible. We managed to make beautiful perfs especially against the top 4. So for the year 2014, our ambition is clearly to enter the first 8.

Padel Magazine: How did you get into padel?

Federic Quiles: I started when I was little with my dad in the national club of the neighborhood and I accompanied my father who was a good player. And at 10 years, thanks to my father, I fell in the padel.

Padel Magazine: Is your father a padel player? Are you also a tennis player?

Federic Quiles: Father? Yes he played but a long time ago. He is now a drink player ...

PM: Did you play tennis before?

FQ: No, I played football. Absolutely no tennis.

PM: Will there be changes this year? No change with your partner Silingo?

FQ: No change.

PM: What happened with your old partner Chico Gomez?

FQ: No nothing. Nothing happened. We separated because we had played a lot together. But I am very friendly with Chico. But it's like that. We took different paths.

PM: Do you know some French players?

FQ: ... Aix en Provence is a very spectacular club. And the truth: I loved playing there ...

PM: I would like to have your opinion around the French paddle and what it lacks to win in France?

FQ: It's missing a few years because the padel is finally a relatively new sport. In Spain it is only a fortnight that he is at a very high level. In France, he lacks experience, he lacks communication, coaches, clubs, exhibitions, television ...

PM: The French speaking padel players come mostly from tennis, do you think it's a good thing?

FQ: Yes it's a good thing because the technique of tennis is quite close to the padel with good paddle shots, touch. The tennis player does not have any problem to get into the padel. They can also become good.

Padel Magazine: Yet at the Masters, there are not necessarily former tennis players ...

FQ: Er, not necessarily. Take the example of Juan Martin Diaz is a good tennis player ...

PM: But Juan Martin told us the opposite yesterday?

Frederic Quiles: You put in the mile! But he obviously has shots that come from tennis. He started with tennis. Before becoming the padel player he is today, he has a tennis history. But it's better to start with the padel. For me it's clear.

PM: How did you choose your partner? Why Silingo?

FQ: It's a little fate ... I needed a good player that complements me. We needed a player with whom we have a project in common. It required a player who is willing to travel and invest fully in my project. Age was also an important point.

PM: But he's about thirty years old ...

FQ: Yes it is 30 years old.

PM: But it's not just the age you like at Silingo?

FQ: No, of course. He is a player we all know, who has a lot of power, a very good player, and for my game, that's exactly what you need. It is he who is responsible for completing the points. He is the attacker of the team. With its strength and my game more in defense position, we can become better than today.

PM: Today you play right, but it seems to have already seen you played left no?

FQ: Yes I can play left or right, but playing right is not a problem.

PM: Can you tell us how you chose your racket to help us choose ours?

FQ: I play with a dropshot racket. This is a very well known brand, extremely appreciated by padel players. I am very lucky to be able to use this racket. Besides I play with this brand since I started playing padel. I tested several rackets though, but the DropShot rackets are very good with good players using this brand.

Franck Binisti, Laurent Barthe and Clément Forget - Padel Magazine
Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.