The European Champion Trophy, which was scheduled in Monaco this weekend of September 20 is finally postponed because of Covid-19 ...

This competition which must oppose best pairs of FEPA affiliated federations and which was to be held next weekend in Monaco, under the organization of the Federation Sportive de Padel (Monaco), must finally be postponed due to Covid-19.

It is via a press release that the Secretary Antonio Gonçalves announced it: “As the situation relating to Covid-19 is worsening in France and Monaco, the health authorities of certain countries do not allow their nationals to travel there in certain cases, or impose a quarantine of fourteen days in other cases. This caused the withdrawal of many teams (…) The FEPA Board and the Padel Sports Federation (Monaco) jointly decided to postpone the event to the beginning of 2021, if the health situation allows it. ”

It will therefore be necessary, at best, wait for the start of 2021 to see the beginnings of this competition which seems very attractive!

European Champions Trophy postponed

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