After his victory in Vigo (6/2 6/4 against Alonso/Moya in the sixteenth round), Fernando Belasteguin did not hesitate to share the latest letter from PPA and react against World Padel Tour.

Remember that according to the Association of Professional Players, the World Padel Tour would have threatened the players to claim 25 million from them if they participate in the new circuit of FIP and QSI: Premier Padel.

As you can see below, the former world number 1 clearly didn't appreciate the latest letter from the WPT.

“Stop the threats

We just want to work freely.

Very happy to have PPA @propadelassoc, which thanks to the union of players, defends our right to work.

For the fans…we assure you that we will continue to do our best on every match so that you can continue to enjoy the best players in the world.

Thanks for listening to us.”

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