La French Tennis Federation has the possibility of accompanying this boom of padel French and to become a leading international player. What policy? What objectives? We have tried to summarize the ambitions of the FFT in 6 axes.

  • Create a license padel

It is a campaign theme by Gilles Moretton. Very quickly, he asked his teams to look into this subject. Will we have a license padel from the start of September 2021?

  • Work on communication and capture new audiences

The FFT wants to increase visibility, increase the media presence, strengthen the link with the community padel.

The FFT knows it can do much better. With its striking power and the tools at its disposal, it can become a locomotive of the padel World. Luigi Carraro's words leaves no doubt on this subject. The FFT can train other nations.

The establishment of a padel during the second week of Roland Garros should already have an exceptional impact in France as on all continents.

roland garros land of padel 2019

  • Support all clubs

The FFT wants to create a team synergy with the private clubs, to be the federation of all the clubs. These words were often uttered by the new President of the FFT.

The FFT is aware of the problems that may exist in this market. This is one of the urgent themes that it must take into account in its development policy. Many private clubs believe they have been forgotten and even some that the FFT has played against them. Consequence: the creation during the health crisis of the association of clubs padel private.

Strong words were addressed to the private clubs. The FFT could surprise us in the coming months with the implementation of a policy “for all clubs".

  • Establish federal partnerships

The FFT is a unique punching power in the world of padel. It is no secret. It has a special place among the federations which represent the padel. The President of the FIP has moreover repeatedly explained to what extent she was a force for the padel.

Obviously, this position makes her a natural and de facto leader on the international scene. Partnerships will therefore form naturally.

  • Develop the competition

The FFT wishes to make the competition more attractive and diversified for the general public and for all clubs.

We necessarily think of FFT Padel Take the Tour, an elite circuit which has caused controversy within clubs and part of the community padel. Perhaps too focused on the elite of the padel French, too expensive, too early, this competition was interesting but has shown its limits for the moment.

The brands of padel who were partners of this event absolutely want to refocus the competition towards leisure, exhibitions and popularize this sport as much as possible before tackling this type of circuit. The FFT could thus review its copy with the new team in place.

Events in public places are not abandoned. Quite the contrary, but we could focus much more on discovery and exhibition with a format that could be closer to what is in the process of setting up the FFT at Roland Garros.

She could also trust exceptional events that have already proven their worth. We think for example of the National Tennis Cup / National Padel Cup. A unique event in the landscape of padel French which brings together thousands of licensees from all over France and who since 2014 has been fully involved in this sport whose historic stronghold is the International Tennis Center of Cap d'Agde.

National Padel Cup poster 2015

The FFT would also have every interest in betting on associative / private initiatives such as the first edition of the Canet-en-Roussillon international tournament which will take place next August. A competition which will take place on the beach !

We also think of one of the most beautiful events of the padel French for so many years:Open de France on the Place du Capitole. A competition that has made it possible for many years to promote the padel in France.

Internationally, the FFT would work on a major international tournament with the World Padel Tour and 4 FIP Tour events.

  • Work on training

This will go through the deployment of TFP padel and support for clubs to develop schools of padel.

Now that the previous team has succeeded in validating this TFP, it will have to be deployed in France. We can count on the leagues that have already started work.

The Professional Title (TFP) is issued “on behalf of the state and is registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)".

That was a long time, but now the players will be able to obtain this precious sesame which will allow them to work more easily in the clubs.

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.