Discover the men's and women's tables of the P2000, the last FFT tournament of 2021 Padel Tour, which starts tomorrow at Toulouse Padel Club!

At the girls, the qualified pairs are: Pochet / Serin (A) and Bonney / Tonda (B).

In addition, there are 7 of the 8 players who will fly to Qatar next month (the only one missing is Mai Vo), and we should have good matches. The Collombon / Godallier pair, who still haven't lost a set in France, will obviously be favorites. Several duos will try to get out of the game, we think of Invernon / Soubrié, Detriviere / Ligi, Barsotti / Pothier, Alquier / Phaysouphanh…

For the table and the timetables, it happens just below:

Final Table Women P2000 Toulouse 2021

At the gentlemen, there were also qualifications tonight and the 4 pairs that stood out are as follows: Cazes-Carrere / Insausti (A), Macchi / Muesser (B), Moura / Perilhon (C), Morillon / Raichman (D).

Final Table Men P2000 Toulouse 2021

All the players selected for the World Championships are there and the battle promises to be epic. If the Champions of France Johan Bergeron and Benjamin Tison will be favorites on paper, several pairs will want to bring them down. Of course, we first think of the Blanqué / Leygue duo, but also of Maigret / Scatena, Authier / Lopes… We should have a blast this weekend in Occitanie!


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