Only two days until the start of the last tournament of the season on the World Padel Tour : the Master Final, which takes place in Menorca.

In addition to track with new colors which will be set up during this Menorca Master Final, 10 pairs should play their last tournament together before changing partners in 2021. These are: Bela / Tapia, Gutierrez / Stupaczuk, Sanchez / Di Nenno, and of course Paquito Navarro / Javi Rico (who replaces Lima, injured) in men.

For the ladies, these are Sainz / Triay, Salazar / Sanchez, Josemaria / Gonzalez, Llaguno / Amatriain, Araujo / Riera, and certainly Navarro / Osoro since Reiter, Carolina Navarro's partner should come back from injury next season!

Indeed, for the moment, 2021 pairs have yet to be officially confirmed by players, but it looks like we have Bela / Sanyo, Tapia / Lima, Stupacuk / Ruiz, or even Paquito Navarro / Di Nenno in the men.

In girls, even more changes since they are good 6 of the 8 best pairs of 2020 who would separate, to give: Salazar / Triay, Sanchez / Josemaria, Gonzalez / Sainz, Llaguno / Riera, Amatriain / Araujo, and the return of Navarro / Reiter. At the moment it is not known who Aranzazu Osoro will start 2021 with.

In this context, we expect matches full of emotion and it seems difficult to see clearly, especially among girls. Indeed, despite the separation that must come, Sainz / Triay won in the last WPT, and Salazar / Sanchez come from win the Spanish Championships. While Marrero / Ortega and Alayeto / Alayeto, the only two pairs supposed to continue, do not achieve a great end of the season ...

In men, on the other hand, two of the four pairs due to continue in 2021 are favorites. These are Lebron / Galan and Chingotto / Tello. The Spaniards have dominated all season, and the Argentines have just won their first tournament at the WPT.

As a reminder, here are the pairs that will compete in the Master Final, in Menorca, in two days:

In the ladies

  • Triay / Sainz
  • Salazar / Sanchez
  • Josemaria / Gonzalez
  • Marrero / Ortega
  • Alayeto / Alayeto
  • Amatrian / Llaguno
  • Navarro / Osoro
  • Araujo / Riera


At men's

  • Galan / Lebron
  • Gutierrez / Stupaczuk
  • Belasteguin / Tapia
  • Chingotto / Tello
  • Navarro / Rico (replacing injured Lima)
  • Sanchez / Di Nenno
  • Ruiz / Botello
  • Diaz / Silingo


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