The 2 Women's Semifinals of the WPT Madrid Master have a very different physiognomy.

If Marrero / Salazar qualify at the expense of the pair Amatriain / Llaguno during a meeting full of rigor, intensity, and control, it was not the same for Navarro / Reiter who offered a mediocre performance face binoculars Alayeto. In spite of individual exploits of his Andalusian compatriot in attack and in defense, the left-handed C. Reiter multiplied the non forced errors, throughout the meeting and allowed a victory of the binoculars without splinters.

For men, the least we can say is that Saturday was emotionally charged. JM Diaz / Sanchez matched Bela / Lima for 50 minutes and finally lost in the first 6-4 set and JM Diaz had to save 5 set balls on his 4-5 service, to no avail .

The great technical performance continued when Lima was evacuated following a side impact against a wall of the court (4-4 tied second run).

The other match offered the biggest sporting surprise of the tournament, Sanyo / Mieres inflicting a real correction in the first round (6-1 32 minutes of play) to his opponents of the day, classified 7 WPT. But young Moyano did not demerit and was able to increase his level of play, to sow doubt gradually in the camp Sanyo / Mieres. The match ended with the 3e set and confirmed the match's tendency, with Sanyo and Mieres having lost their guard, Moyano Grabiel finally triumphed.

Jean-Marc Hériard - Padel Magazine

Franck Binisti

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