As every time during the South American tour, we will find in Chile this evening, or rather this night for the French, the two best pairs of the Premier Padel finally.

Indeed, once again numbers 1 and 2 were strong enough to be able to cross all the rounds of this Santiago Premier Padel P1. It was hot for Ale and Fede in the quarter-final against Ruiz / Gonzalez, but the winners of the Mar Del Plata P1 showed that they have very strong mental resources, even when things don't go exactly as they would like. .

For their part, Coello and Tapia have still not experienced the slightest alert in Santiago, but that does not make them the favorites for this evening's meeting. Led 3 victories to 2 by Chingotto and Galan, Arturo and Agustin absolutely want to react this evening for what will be the fifth final (already) between these two duos.

Non-existent on smash eight days ago in Argentina, Tapia was very solid at the finish yesterday against Paquito and Lebron, as evidenced by his 10 out of 13 in the smash. Annoyed to be in the fridge at times this season, the genius of Catamarca was called upon more than his partner last night, but he was less effective, Arturo releasing an excellent 21 winning shots for only 5 unforced errors!

This evening, Arturo and Agus' will have to be at their best from start to finish, because their opponents today are on a roll after their victory in Mar Del Plata. Yesterday, while Ale stood out especially on the important points, Chingotto produced a first-rate copy, with 14 winning shots, for only 3 unforced errors, all at 7 out of 8 on the smash. If the native of Olavarría proves as solid this evening, Tapia and Coello may have to target Galan a little more, with the risks that this may include...

You understood, yet another “2024 classic is being played tonight in Santiago, Chile. Will Coello and Tapia reset the counters or will Galan and Chingotto take the psychological advantage with a fourth victory in six confrontations? We are waiting for your predictions!

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