While the gratin of padel Mondial was present during the P2s in Puerto Cabello, Brussels, and Asunción, we saw that in Bordeaux, the best decided to skip it.

We thought that after a busy South American tour and a week before the Italy Major, the players would prefer to rest a little. But Miguel Lamperti's words seem to indicate a completely different state of mind among the stars of the padel global. At our microphone yesterday, the native of Bahia Blanca declared:

” It seems to me that it is a question of points: the four best male pairs will no longer play P2 from now on."

The reason is simple for “Miguelito”: “The first four pairs do not need these points to make the difference between them. That’s why they shouldn’t play them anymore.”

If we add to this the words of Franco Stupaczuk, who believes that the P2s do not give enough money, we say to ourselves that Lamperti is perhaps not wrong!

Note that this only seems to concern men, since if we look at the list of pairs who will participate in the P2 in Genoa, we see that Paula Josemaria and Ari Sanchez have already validated their registration. If “Miguelito”’s predictions are confirmed, the organizers will always be able to console themselves with the presence of the best women’s rackets on the circuit…

And you, what do you think: will we see the stars of the padel world in P2?

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