Young and promising player Fiona Ligi wants to achieve great things in 2020. A year full of major changes which we hope will pay off.

The player from Perpignan, at the height of her 20 years, is now 167th in the ranking World Padel Tour and in 6th place in the French ranking. For 2020 she decides to take a step and even a border by settling in Spain, in Barcelona to professionalize.

On the French circuit it will be alongside Melissa Martin that Fiona will set off on an adventure in the FFT tournaments, in this case the P2000s.

Fiona is originally from the Perpignan region, it is always a favorite for the Mas club to receive her for tournaments. The plus 2020? the fact that ladies can participate in men's tournaments. Fiona appreciates, this is an opportunity to progress faster.

Célia Henry is bathed in the padel since she was very little. Photographer, journalist, videographer, Célia knows how to do everything and brings us a new and professional eye on the padel.