Discover all the categories of tournaments that will be offered by the International Federation of Padel (FIP) in 2021!

FIP Gold

This is a brand new tournament category, with €12 in prize money for men, and €000 for women. They are prohibited for the 16 best players in the FIP ranking.World Padel Tour, and offer 80 points for this same ranking!

FIP Star

It is now the second category of FIP tournaments. They grant 40 points to the winners, with a prize money of € 6 for the men and € 000 for the women. They are prohibited for the top 35 players in the ranking, and for the top 24 players.

FIP Rise

FIP Rise are slightly more accessible tournaments, restricted to the top 45 and top 30 players. The decreasing prize money is halved compared to the FIP Star: € 3 for men, and € 000 for women. They bring 2 points to the winners.

Fip Promotion

This is the lowest category of tournaments in the FIP, only male and female players beyond the 70th place can participate. They only grant 5 point to the winners, and no prize-money.

FIP categories tournaments points prize money

To these 4 categories, we must add the FIP Finals, a sort of Master, reserved for the best players of the season and for players beyond 16th place in the ranking. This tournament offers 60 point for the ranking, in addition to an exceptional prize money: 40 000 € !

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