As with girls, the Burriana Fip Star is an opportunity for players of the World Padel Tour to make their comeback. And you will see that for the gentlemen, for a FIP Star, this is an incredible tournament.

Fip Star are prohibited for players from the Top 50 of the WPT, which means that all players from the 51st can participate. This is why we will find at the top of the number 1 series Maxi Grabiel (52 WPT), associated with Antonio Fernandez Cano (63 WPT). Two experienced players who count to both of them more than 450 World Padel Tour matches… for almost 300 victories! Knowing that Maxi Grabiel starts the season reassembled like a clock, this pair is clearly among the favorites.

The other big favorites will be none other than the seeded number 2 of the tournament, namely twirling Denis Perino (58 WPT), seen several times in France, and who will be associated with the experienced Christian Fuster (59 WPT), 230 World Padel Tout matches played. A solid, powerful team that should do some damage!

Behind these two favorites, no team really stands out but there are many very solid teams. We can quote Mario Jardim (56 WPT) and young Miguel Yanguas (82 WPT), or his former teammate Ivan Ramirez (77 WPT), associated with 17 year old phenomenon, the smasheur Arturo Coello (66 WPT).

Finally, another young player will also be watching, this is Miguel Semmler, 22, former number 514 at ATP, which will team up with… Fernando Poggi (61 WPT)! We can never repeat it enough but it is a previa World Padel Tour level table, with several players who have already played in main table. Hopefully Benjamin Tison and Jeremy Scatena will be successful, and why not a third consecutive victory in Fip tournaments for Scat!

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