The big favorites of the tournament are at the finals and we should attend two interesting meetings.

Big favorites of the tournament, Sofia Araujo and Maria Riera have so far mastered their tournament. Imposing this morning 6/4 6/4 facing Cortiles / Castello, executioners of Fiona Ligi, the Portuguese and the Argentine have not yet lost a tournament set. They will obviously be favorites in the final. Facing them, Alicia Blanco and Elena Ramirez, the team that beat Léa Godallier and Laura Clergue. A pair that will necessarily start in the final since they had to fight in half against Marta Talavan and Lorena Rufo (6/4 1/6 6/4).

At men's, the big favorites Fuster and Perino also won their semi-finals quite easily (6/4 6/2). Those who have not yet lost a tournament set, will be opposed to a pair that has foiled the predictions. Sergio Alba and Francisco Gil, Jorge de Benito's training partners, who had already shown their great shape during the Spanish Championships, easily dominated the number 1 seed in the 6/2 6/3 quarterfinals. This morning they proved their whole mind by winning their semi-final 7/6 7/6.

Follow the finals at 16 p.m. by clicking on this link.

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