The quarterfinals of the Burriana Fip are made without French or French, Tison / Scatena and Ligi / Silva having lost in their respective eighth finals. Not without having struggled!

Benjamin Tison and Jérémy Scatena were opposed to a very solid pair of them from their eighth finals of Fip de Burriana. Miki Solbes (67 WPT) and Javier Redondo (85 WPT) are seasoned players who combine together more than 300 World Padel Tour victories ! Not enough to impress Benjamin and Jérémy who gambled their luck. After losing the first set in the tie break, the French managed to win the second set 7/5. Certainly tired by their extended round of XNUMX, they accused the blow in the third. A defeat 6/7 7/5 2/6 in the end, which is encouraging for the rest.

Fiona Ligi and her partner Diana Silva were also facing a big team, seed 4 Jessica Castello / Anna Cortiles (both 36 WPT). Despite their inexperience at this level, the French and the Portuguese did not let themselves be impressed. In a hooked match, the Spanish made the experience speak to win 6/4 3/6 6/4. This tournament remains a success for Fiona Ligi who competed for the first time in a competition of this level by playing on the left!

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