Big surprise at FIP Gold from Perpignan with the elimination of Benjamin Tison and Teo Zapata tonight. It is the favorites of the competition who fall in the round of XNUMX…

In front of an audience completely committed to their cause, Benjamin Tison and Teo Zapata lost today to veteran Aday Santana (93 FIP) and young Iñigo Jofre (326 FIP).

Visibly tense, the French and his partner, who had a first big game to play in Perpignan, after winning their sixteenth 6/0 6/0, committed more faults than usual on Friday. Opposite, the Spanish pair, who played without any pressure, did not ask for so much.

From the height of his 22 years, the young Iñigo Jofre was extremely solid!

In a first set marked by several breaks and “puntos de oro”, the outsiders ended up breaking away: 6/4. The second act was similar, but this time it was on the side of the favorites that the game fell.

The large crowd was able to enjoy a third set, which started in favor of Ben and Teo. We thought the two players of the World Top 70 left for the victory but once again, Santana and Jofre whipped to come back to the score.

Veteran Aday Santana spoke about all his experience

To everyone's surprise, the Spaniards drove home the point at 5/4 when they were trailing 0/40 and left with victory (6/4 4/6 6/4) in a very close match, marked by a number of mind-blowing break points: 48!

Tomorrow, Jofre and Santana will face their compatriots Gil and Gaspar.

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