SIf the end of the previas had seen the French suffer in Spain, the start of the main draw sees the French delegation already winning two victories!

Favorites in their clash with Carmen Castillon and Raquel Piltcher, Alix Collombon and Julieta Bidahorria did not go into detail with a clear victory: 6/1 6/3.

For their part, Léa Godallier and Giorgia Marchetti had a more complicated match against seed 2 Rodriguez / Rodriguez. After losing the first set, the Franco-Italian pair shifted gears to leave with the victory: 5/7 6/4 6/2.

This morning we will also follow the debut in the competition of the Leygue / Valenzuela pair, who face Cepero / Benitez (TS8).

This afternoon, the French women will be on deck again. Godallier and Marchetti face the winners of the match between Bellver / Borrero and Lujan / Dominguez at 16:00 p.m. Collombon and Bidahorria will be opposed to Manuela Schuck and Sara Pujals.

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