The International Federation of Padel (FIP) indicated in a communicated on its website the date of elections from the next president. 28 April we will know if Luigi Carraro will remain president of the FIP. There are two lists: that of the current president (Carraro), and that ofAlfredo Garbisu.

The member federations of the FIP propose this or that candidate for election. At present, 14 federations support the candidacy of Luigi Carraro (including Spain, Argentina, the United States, etc.).

And just two for his opponent Garbisu: Germany and Sweden.

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The President of the Spanish Federation of Padel (FEP) communicated on this subject. Already present on the board of directors under Luigi Carraro during the previous mandate, he renews his support for the new election.

It clearly expresses that the project carried by the latter deserves to be supported for 4 additional years. The work done to develop the padel in the world is on the move and must continue to do so.

The FFT cannot propose candidates, either as chairman or as a member of the board. Indeed, she joined the FIP too late, according to the statutes of the international institution. A minimum of 3 years of membership is required and that the national teams have completed 4 World Cups.


source: FIP et FEP

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