We will be treated to several new pairs at FIP ​​Platinum Sardegna, including the “100% Wilson” duo composed of Fernando Belasteguin and Javi Garrido.

Platinum FIPs do not necessarily appeal to the stars of the padel global. Thus, we sometimes witness recompositions of pairs during these competitions. In this case, we imagine that Juan Tello and Alex Ruiz, respective teammates of Fernando Belasteguin and Javi Garrido, were not motivated to go to Cagliari. Without a partner, the “King” and the native of Córdoba therefore decided to team up! But rest assured, from the next tournament, in Finland, Bela will find “El Gato”, while Javi will make his big debut with “Captain America”!

Same case for Alex Arroyo and Gonzalo Rubio who meet again for a tournament.

But the pair to watch in this Italian tournament will undoubtedly be the one trained by Momo Gonzalez and Edu Alonso. These two rather patient and defensive players will play their first tournament together, and we can't wait to see what level they will be at.

Other new duos will also be followed in Cagliari: Xisco Gil / Pablo Garcia, Teo Zapata / José Diestro, Tolito / Lamperti, Javi Garcia / Fran Guerrero or even Marina Guinart / Victoria Iglesias for the ladies!

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