The FIP Platinum Sardegna, scheduled for July 16 to 20, promises us a spectacle, with completely new pairs.

We have already talked about it, several new duos will make their debut during the FIP Platinum Sardegna. It is necessary to distinguish the pairs formed for the occasion, such as Bela / Garrido, Esbri / Goenaga or Arroyo / Rubio, and the new pairs expected to last, like Momo Gonzalez / Edu Alonso. In some cases, it is still difficult to know whether the associations will be continued after the competition or not.

In any case, we expect a very interesting tournament, with more than tempting pairs like Tolito Aguirre / Miguel Lamperti, the 1st seed of the previas.

On the French side, we will follow the 100% French pair Guichard / Leygue, who will also start in qualifying, alongside the other duos with representatives from France: Inzerillo / Iriart (ITA), Vives / Seurin and Joris / Vanbauce.

Other new pairs:

  • Javi Ruiz / Javi Barahona
  • Teo Zapata / José Diestro
  • Pablo Garcia / Xisco Gil
  • Javi Garcia / Fran Guerrero
  • ...

For girls, the attraction will be the new Marina Guinart / Victoria Iglesias association. We will of course follow the results of the French women with the pairs Collombon / Bidahorria and Godallier / Marchetti.

The list of registrants:

The list of registrants:

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